For more than 4,000 years, Absalom has been the City at the Center of the World, a metropolis-sized showcase of the greatest treasures in all Golarion. The importance and influence of Absalom upon the Inner Sea and the whole of Golarion can not be overstated. The city not only holds a key strategic position for both commercial and military endeavors in the region, but encompasses the site of the ascension of four deities and claims to have been founded by none other than the Last Azlanti, the god Aroden. It is not without reason that the passage of time throughout the Inner Sea region is counted in Absalom Reckoning.

A wide field of shattered weapons, barrow mounds, and mass graves
surrounds the city of Absalom, a vast plain known as the Cairnlands.
Rising from the war-torn earth like the grasping arms of the dead
are count less siege castles, towers, and fort resses constructed over the
millennia by would-be warlords who tried to take the great city and
inevitably failed. Like forgotten monuments to failed conquerors, the
siege castles of Absalom beckon the brave, the fearless, and t he
foolish with the promise of adventure and untold treasures, ever ready
to create heroes or to entomb the fallen.

The Pathfinder Chronicles

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